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Craniosacral therapy

Why craniosacral therapy?

Connective tissue can be found throughout our body and takes care of connections, support and protection of, amongst others, our bone structure, muscles, vertebrae, and nervous system. Connective tissue is set in motion by all the movements we make and that is vital for the bodily functions. Physical and emotional trauma can fix themselves in the connective tissue. Many of us are unaware that this has happened. When our bodies cannot recuperate on their own and there is no more balance, symptoms can arise, and craniosacral therapy can help restore the balance in the body.

Wat does a craniosacral therapist do?

Stress and strain can occur in other places than where the symptoms are located. That is why the craniosacral therapist explores the whole body. The therapist eases the stress by applying a special technique involving the connective tissue. By means of gentle touches, the strained areas are treated and your body is invited to start relaxing again.

When do I need craniosacral therapy?

Craniosacral therapy is suitable for people of all ages. From very young to very old. With cry babies, the craniosacral therapist treats the flexibility of the skull bones. Withdrawn or overstimulated children become more resilient and calmer in life.

When do I need craniosacral therapy?

The craniosacral therapist can help in case of:

  • long lasting symptoms
  • headaches
  • infection of nasal or paranasal cavities
  • dizziness
  • problems with concentration
  • problems with equilibrium
  • painful muscles or vertebrae
  • bad recovery after movement
  • restlessness
  • tension
  • emotional trauma
  • stress and burn-out
  • sleeplessness
  • chronical fatigue
  • problems in digestion.

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