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  • Manuele therapie
  • Manuele therapie

Manual therapy

Why manual therapy?

The moment the vertebrae in your body do not function properly you can develop symptoms in the spine or the limbs. Muscles can tense, or even cramp up and the pain might radiate to other parts of your body. Manual therapy helps your vertebrae to function properly again and eases movement in general.

What does a manual therapist do?

Een manueel therapeut is een fysiotherapeut met een aanvullende opleiding. De therapeut maakt gebruik van specifieke technieken waarmee hij uw gewrichten ‘manipuleert’. Soms hoort u hierbij iets ‘knikken’.

When do I need manual therapy?

The manuel therapist can help in case of:

  • headaches
  • neck pain
  • back problems
  • dizziness
  • neck and shoulder complaints that extend into the arms
  • high back pain with rib and chest complaints
  • low back and hip complaints with complaints in the legs
  • blocked movements in the limbs.

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Manuele therapie