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Knee/anterior cruciate ligament

Complaints and causes

Complaints in the knee area usually arise when doing sports or sport related activities, a wrong (turning) movement, a fall or an accident. Your knee can bulge, sometimes it cannot support your body weight (anymore) and/or your knee feels unstable in supporting you. Some people cannot stretch their knee and walking causes pain.

Anterior cruciate ligament

The anterior cruciate ligament connects your lower leg with your femur and thigh and plays a major role in keeping your knee stable. If this ligament tears, the sports physiotherapist and you will get to work to get back stability, strength and resilience back in your knee, by training other muscle groups. Did you have an operation to receive a new ligament? You can turn to our specialists for your rehabilitation.


In our team we have specialists in treating complaints in the knee area. They are connected, amongst others to the knee network of ROF “Gelderse Vallei”. In these networks they co-operate with specialised orthopedic and physiotherapists to treat complaints in the knee area as effectively as possible. Check here to find out who our shoulder specialists are. Make an appointment with our knee specialist.

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