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Treating complaints in the shoulder area

Complaints and causes

Pain in the shoulder area usually develops as a slow process, but can be a considerable limitation in the way you live your daily life. Causes can be very diverse. To name a few examples: a torn muscle, an infection, a ‘frozen shoulder’. Another cause can be overstraining, especially when you repeat the same movements for a longer period of time. Complaints in the shoulder area can radiate to the neck. In some cases stress or tension from home or work related situations can cause complaints in de shoulder area.


In our team we have specialists in treating complaints in the shoulder area. They participate in different networks, like the shoulder network of the ROF “Gelderse Vallei” and the Shoulder Community HU. In these networks they co-operate with specialists in orthopedics and other physiotherapies to treat the shoulder complaints as effectively as possible. Check here to find out who our shoulder specialists are. Make an appointment with the shoulder specialist.

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