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Monique Vroling

Craniosacral therapist. Born on May 29, 1959 and working at M-Visio since 2009.

AGB-code: 90/032292

Specializations: Organ mobilizations, nerve mobilizations, sinusitis, treating babies and children, reflex integration techniques.

Career: gym teacher, physiotherapist, craniosacral therapist.

For me M-Visio is: a practice where I can perform my profession in collaboration with other disciplines and colleagues.

The passion for my work as therapist lies in: help my patients to move (again).

I get the most satisfaction from: the growth and development that people go through when their physical complaints decrease. When people reconnect with their body so that they can work, enjoy and exercise again.

My ambition is to: to increase my knowledge and skills and to share them with others.

In my spare time: I like to exercise an be in the nature.

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