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Margit Graven

Physiotherapist, sports physiotherapist. Born on November 22, 1987 and working at M-Visio since 2018.

BIG-number: 19913858904
AGB-code: 04/118010

Specializations: In January 2018 I graduated as a Master of Science in sports physiotherapy. I also studied running-related complaints, sports psychology and followed the medical taping course.

Career: After graduating in early 2011 as a general physiotherapist, I started my career by performing (pregnancy) observations in different practices in my hometown Arnhem. After the observations I worked in Duiven for 3.5 years before I had the great opportunity to start working at M-Visio.

For me M-Visio is: a pleasant, specialized workplace with a good atmosphere. At M-Visio we have personal attention for our clients and for each other.

The passion for my work as therapist lies in: (actively) helping people, motivating and stimulating them and working together towards a great result.

I get the most satisfaction from: being able to transfer my knowledge and expertise so that people understand their complaints better. I want to let my patients know that they can control the complaints themselves and give them confidence so they can achieve the goals we set.

My ambition is to: develop myself, both in terms of knowledge and skills, as a sports physiotherapist. I want to achieve this by taking relevant courses, and gain knowledge that I can apply in practice and share with my colleagues.

In my spare time: I love to do things with my family and friends, go for a walk, do yoga or meditate and you can find me in the swimming pool or gym. I also have a great passion for running.

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