• Working together towards recovery
  • Working together towards recovery

Hampered by symptoms in your daily life?
We are passionate about working together with you towards recovery!

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Are you suffering from back or neck symptoms? Retrieve your flexibility!


Having trouble walking or biking? We get you back on your feet!


Do you experience symptoms in your arm? Prepare to make the turn!


Head or jaw symptoms? Don’t let your life be controlled by it!

Our specialismn

Our specialismn



Shoulder: proper diagnosis; best results!
Dry needling

Dry needling

Do you suffer from chronic pains or uncomfortable stiffness? Dry needling can help...


Frontal cruciate ligament: get your stability back!



Is your kid not feeling well? This might be a case of HCFS!


Rheumatism, looking for a new balance?

Working together towards recovery 


At M-Visio everything is focussed on you. We are all about people and that is why we want you to feel that you are seen and heard. That helps us find the treatment that makes you feel comfortable. You will get ample time to tell us what is bothering you and we are there to help you aim for what you would like to accomplish. Our team is standing by to launch the proper treatment or therapy to get you back on track.


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Finally I found the cause of my complaint: … a nerve

'After a period of a year and a half with increasingly worse back symptoms I went to the umpteenth physiotherapist.

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Update corona and physiotherapy

Dear visitor,

It is common knowledge that keeping  1.5 meters distance is essential for our health. Thus we control the spread of the corona virus. For our work as therapists this means we cannot give treatment the way we would normally do. Do you have any (health} complaints? You can still come to us, for treatment in our practice, or through video conference if that is desirable.

Do you come to our practice for treatment? Please read this information carefully!

  • Please bring a fitted bedsheet.
  • We request you to wear a face mask;
  • We do not shake hands with visitors.
  • Bring as few items as possible, and put those items that are essential in your bag or coat pocket.
  • Please come on time, but not too early, for your appointment, so we have a limited number of visitors in our waiting room.
  • We plan appointments in time slots to keep the number of visitors in the waiting room at a minimum.
  • The chairs in the waiting room are placed at 1.5 meters distance. Please respect the 1.5 m distance to others in the room.
  • The bathroom is not to be used at this time (only in case of emergency!).
  • The dressing rooms and showers are not in use.
  • Come alone, if possible. Of course children up to 16 can be accompanied by a parent.
  • Stay home if you have, or a member of your family has, any symptoms of a cold, fever or flu, or if you have been in contact with anybody showing these symptoms. If that is the case you are expected to cancel your appointment, or to contact us about the possibility of treatment via video conference. Under the current circumstances these cancellations, regardless of the time of cancelling, will not be billed.
  • Hygiene is crucial, which is why we work with protection gear, and take the time necessary to disinfect our workspace.
  • Stay alert to the risks involved in visiting our practice in spite of the measures we take and ask you to take.


We can imagine that it is important for you to know which measures we take to maintain hygiene in our practice. They are as follows:

  • During treatment the therapist will use protective gear such as goggles, mouth mask and gloves;
  • Before and after treatment the therapist will wash his/her hands and forearms;
  • After every visit points of contact, such as door handles, arms of chairs, will be disinfected. Please touch as few items as possible;
  • Equipment in the exercise room will be disinfected after handling;
  • Disinfecting gel for your hands is available.

Feel free to contact us for any questions or remarks.

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